Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fire House No. 4, Ampere

This Firehouse #4  building was  at the intersection of Springdale Avenue and the railroad until it was moved several hundred feet to allow for the elevation of the railroad about 1921. Eventually a new firehouse was built and this building became the Ampere Library

Arlington Hotel

The Arlington Hotel was on the NW corner of the William Street/North Arlington Avenue intersection. It's shown below on a 1911 map at 50 North Arlington Avenue.

Berkeley College

Berkeley's educational traditions date back to 1931 when the school first opened in East Orange, New Jersey as a private institution dedicated to executive secretarial training for women. From an initial class of 50 students, learning in two rented classrooms in a Spanish villa known as the Dane Building, which had just been built about 1930. The school moved in 1976 and the building was torn down in 1999

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hyde Park

Hyde Park was a housing development bounded by Central Avenue, South Munn Avenue, Willcox Avenue, and Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Much of the area was lost with the construction of the Garden State Parkway.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park in Newark is less than a mile from Stockton School, and a former  Stockton student who attended the school in the 1930's writes that students who had parental permission walked to Branch Brook Park with 5th grade teacher Miss Sue E. Garis one morning at 5 AM to hear the birds sing at daybreak. Miss Garis had already been at Stockton for many years as she's listed as leading the Stockton Audubon Society in a 1915 report.

Vernon Llewellyn Davey

                                                               NY Times Dec. 31, 1913

Randall Vernon Davey

Randall Vernon Davey, biography 2

Columbian School Neighborhood, Early 20th Century