Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Masonic Temple and Ormont Theater

Above: the Masonic Temple was at 506/508 Main Street between Prospect Street and Ashland Avenue, diagonally across from the Halsted Street/Main Street intersection; it was also the Lyceum (a lyceum is a public hall designed for lectures or concerts) in addition to housing the Masonic Hope Lodge and other Masonic lodges. In a 1932 city directory the building is still referred to as the Lyceum ("moving pictures") but in a 1934 directory it was called the Ormont Theater (Ormont Movie Theater). At some point a new entrance building was added between the original building and the Main Street sidewalk along with an Ormont Theater marquee. The building was demolished about 2000.

Although it appears that the building wasn't constructed until about 1911/12, announcements of it started appearing in 1902.

Below: 1949

Below: 1959

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